Spare Parts

With an extensive global supplier network and the buying power of the world’s largest aluminium shipbuilder, Austal’s operations (in Australia, the USA, Philippines, Vietnam and Service Centres located around the world)  provide vessel operators with the ultimate source for all vessel parts, equipment, consumables and tooling; from the smallest parts right through to pre-fabricated vessel components.

Orders can be placed 24 hours a day and the teams’ thorough product knowledge ensures top quality support for all enquiries and purchases. Austal’s extensive knowledge of vessel operations, maintenance, spare parts and consumables requirements ensures clients are well informed on recommended operating stock levels and have access to ‘urgent’ or emergency stock supplies whenever needed. As the manufacturer, itemising and supplying the required, scheduled maintenance spare parts for all on-board equipment, Austal can assist with (or effectively manage) customers’ vessel parts and consumables replacement programs.

For more information or assistance with spare parts for your vessel or fleet, please contact Austal's Support team via email