Our Customers

Austal has designed and delivered - and continues to construct - more than 300 vessels for over 100 clients in 54 countries, since 1988. Our customers include the world’s leading defence fleet operators, including the U.S. Navy, Australian Border Force and Royal Australian Navy - and commercial operators including Fred.Olsen SA, Molslinjen, Condor Ferries, JR Kyushu and SNC Aremiti.

The company has grown to become a true global leader in high speed aluminium vessel design and construction and has developed some of the world’s most iconic and impressive ships, such as the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF) and the Auto Express 127 and 102 Trimarans.

A key element in Austal’s success has been (and continues to be) the ability to deliver customised vessel, systems and support solutions to customers. We listen to our customers and develop tailored solutions to not only meet their needs but exceed expectations. This level of service has led to a number of repeat customers including the Australian Border Force and the U.S Navy.

As a prime defence contractor and global shipbuilder, Austal can develop major naval and other defence vessel programs for navies, defence forces, security agencies and coastguards located around the world. We have the skills, experience and capabilities to deliver advanced ships, systems and support services from our shipyards and support centres located in the United States of America, Australia and around the world.

Austal’s portfolio of commercial vessels, including passenger and vehicle-passenger ferries, offshore vessels and windfarm vessels demonstrate the broad capabilities of our group to design and construct vessels for a variety of commercial purposes. With commercial shipbuilding and support facilities in Australia and the Philippines, Austal is well placed to deliver vessels for customers, worldwide.

Austal's customers include;

  • US Navy
  • Australian Border Force
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Commonwealth of Australia
  • JR Kyushu
  • Royal Navy of Oman
  • Caspian Marine Services
  • Swire Pacific Offshore
  • Molslinjen
  • Fjordline
  • Fred Olsen SA
  • FRS of Germany
  • Condor Ferries