Production Facilities

With shipyards in Australia, the United States of America, the Philippines and Vietnam, Austal is well placed to meet the requirements of the global market.

Purpose-built, modern and enclosed shipbuilding facilities cater for the simultaneous construction of vessels of varying sizes, in multiple locations.

United States of America – Mobile, Alabama

Austal USA - Mobile, Alabama

Austal's extensive shipbuilding and support facilities in Mobile, Alabama (established in 1999) deliver a new dimension in vessel design, modular construction and support services to the North American market. Utilising the company's leading edge technology and design capabilities, Austal is producing revolutionary naval platforms such as the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) and Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF) (formerly the Joint High Speed Vessel) for the US Navy, employing over 4,500 people.

Land Area 467,000m²
Assembly Yard Land 53,000m²
MMF Land 465,000m²
Outfit Yard Land 142,000m²
Module Manufacturing Facility
MMF 1 325m long x 105m wide x 20m high
MMF 2 325m long x 105m wide x 20m high
MMF Warehouse 52m long x 123m wide x 8m high
CNC Equipment 2 x ART CNC Routers with plate and friction stir welded panel cutting capability
  CNC T-bar Mill
  CNC T-bar Saw
  Transfluid 1-3" CNC Pipe Bender
  Transfluid 3-6" CNC Pipe Bender
  Ermaksan CNC Plate Shear
  Ermaksan CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
  MultiCam CNC Router for Fitout
Office Area
Administration Building 1,951m²
Office Complex 10,039m²
Final Assembly Yard
Bay 3 124m long x 41m wide x 33m high
Bay 4 124m long x 41m wide x 33m high
Bay 5 130m long x 41m wide x 33m high
Bay 6 110m long x 34m wide x 24m high
Water frontage /
Full bulkhead length
Outfit Yard
Water Frontage  
South 366m
North 366m
West 366m

Austal Australia - Henderson, WA

Australia – Henderson, Western Australia

Austal's modern shipyards (and corporate head office) are situated on the Jervoise Bay waterfront in Henderson, approximately 8 km south of the port City of Fremantle, Western Australia. Both defence ship building and ship support services are provided (including refit, repair and maintenance services).

Land Area 78,344m²
Office Area 2,055m²
Building Halls
Bay 3 93.0m long x 21.0m wide x 14.9m high
Bay 4 95.0m long x 30.0m wide x 21.8m high
Bay 5 99.0m long x 35.0m wide x 21.8m high
Bay 6 99.0m long x 23.0m wide x 14.9m high
Slipway 2,000 tonnes
Commissioning Berth 290m
Pre-Fabrication Space 4,320m²
CNC Equipment ART 10000SX (Router) - 2.5m x 10m
ART 19000SX (Router) - 2.5m x 19m
FOM Industrie Blitz 50 (Double Saw)
FOM Industrie Argo 70 RM (Machining Centre)
Transfluid DB2090-3A (Pipe Bender)
YCM GT-250MA (Turning Centre)
Cranage 2 x 5.0 tonne gantry
5 x 3.0 tonne gantry
30 x 3.2 tonne monorail

Austal Philippines - Balamban, Cebu

Philippines - Balamban, Cebu

Commencing operations in 2012, Austal’s Philippines shipbuilding and support facilities were officially opened in January 2013. Located in Balamban, Cebu, Austal Philippines has modern, extensive facilities to cater for custom commercial and defence vessel construction, servicing and sustainment.

Land Area 120,000m² incl 20,000m² hardstand
Assembly Bays
Bay 1 120m long x 35m wide x 42m high
Bay 2 60m long x 20m wide x 19.6m high
Bay 3 60m long x 20m wide x 19.6m high
Workshops CAD plasma cutting facility
  Outfit area
  Pipe and engineering workshop
  Paint shop
  Overhead cranes
  Management and project offices
Slipway Maximum 1000 tonnes
  Maximum length 80m
  Maximum beam 20m
Repairs 80m x 80m
  3000 tonnes
Berthing Mooring up to 80m
  Full cranage facilities
  Support facilities

Vietnam - Vung Tau City, Bia Ria - Vung Tau Province

Austal Vietnam, located in the port city of Vung Tau in the south of Vietnam, commenced operations in March 2018 – as part of a strategy by Austal to expand its manufacturing operations for commercial vessels.

Land Area 9,820m²
Main Assembly Hall 3,234m²
  2 x 24 tonne crane (12T + 12T)
  20.8m under crane beam
Assembly Hall Annex 1,848m²
  2 x 10 tonne crane
  2 x 5 tonne crane
  15m under crane beam
CNC & Ancillary Workshops 2,622m²
  1 x 5 tonne crane
Offices 684m²
Launch & Wharf Facilities Dong Xuyen Port
Employees 201 (March 2019)