July 18, 2023



18 JULY 2023

Arrival of Austal-built US naval vessel, USS Canberra (LCS-30) in Sydney Harbour

The arrival of the Austal-built Littoral Combat Ship, USS Canberra (LCS-30), into Sydney Harbour ahead of its official commissioning later this week is a proud moment for the Western Australian-headquartered company.

The vessel, one of 19 Littoral Combat Ships the company’s USA subsidiary is building for the US Navy, arrived today after transiting across the Pacific. When officially commissioned this Saturday, it will be the only US Navy vessel ever to be commissioned outside of the United States of America, a reflection of both the important relationship that exists between the USA and Australia as well as the ship’s Australian heritage.

The vessel’s distinct triamaran design, which gives it a shallow draught and incredible stability to operate in inshore (littoral) waters, is based on a design pioneered at the Company’s Henderson shipyards in Western Australia.

Austal Chief Executive Officer Paddy Gregg said it was a proud day for the Company, which began life building aluminium crayfishing boats in Western Australia.

“Watching an Austal-built US Navy warship sail into Sydney Harbour, with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background, was an absolutely special moment for our Company,” Mr Gregg said.

“Austal’s Alabama-based shipyard is currently contracted on 11 different vessel programs for the US Navy and Coast Guard, and it is a source of pride seeing this vessel visiting our home. Plus, its Australian and historical heritage makes it all the more special.”

In addition to its US orderbook, Austal is also constructing two vessel classes for the Commonwealth of Australia at its WA shipyards, the Evolved Cape Class Patrol Boat for the Royal Australian Navy and the Guardian Class Patrol Boats for the Commonwealth of Australia to be gifted to Pacific Island nations.


USS Canberra has arrived in Sydney ahead of the vessel's commissioning on Saturday 22 July 2023.



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