About Austal

Austal is Australia's global shipbuilder, defence prime contractor and maritime technology partner of choice; designing, constructing and supporting revolutionary defence and commercial vessels for the world's leading operators.

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  • Austal’s commercial vessel platforms include high-speed passenger ferries and vehicle-passenger (ROPAX) ferries that deliver performance, comfort, economy and reliability for both operators and customers.

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  • Austal designs and builds frigate sized, multi-mission surface combatants, high speed military transport vessels and a range of patrol boats for customers worldwide.

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  • Austal’s Offshore Solutions are proven vessel platforms that deliver safety, versatility and economy – while providing the best possible customer experience for offshore crew and operators.

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  • Complementing Austal’s capabilities in shipbuilding is the company’s expertise in the development and integration of advanced vessel control and information management systems, such as Ride Control and Marine Link.

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  • Austal offers a variety of support such as Service Centers, Spare Parts, Training, Brokerage and Consultancy Services. Find out more about these services today!

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  • With capabilities including modern shipbuilding facilities strategically located in Australia, the United States of America and the Philippines, Austal is well placed to meet the requirements of the global market.

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