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Cape Class Patrol Boat (Australian Border Force)

Austal was awarded a contract for the design, construction and through-life support of eight (8) Cape-class Patrol Boats for the Australian Border Force in August 2011. The 58 metre aluminium monohulls were delivered between March 2013 and September 2015.

The support contract extends for a minimum period of eight years and encompasses a full range of intermediate and depot level maintenance activities. Further options can be exercised by the Australian Border Force for In-Service Support for the life of the Cape-class Patrol Boat fleet.

The Cape-class Patrol Boats have a greater range, endurance and flexibility in responding to maritime security threats than the previous Bay-class fleet (also designed and constructed by Austal).

The CCPB's also have enhanced capability to operate in higher sea states and survive in more severe conditions.

The Cape Class Patrol Boats are able to:

  • Undertake 28 day patrols;
  • Sail 4,000 nautical miles before having to refuel;
  • Combat the full range of maritime security threats;
  • Carry a larger crew to more effectively and safely manage boarding operations;
  • Identify, track and intercept an extended range of threats in the maritime domain and gather intelligence and store evidence for matters that may proceed to the courts; and
  • Launch two Tender Response Vessels simultaneously.

Australian Border Force patrol boats may be deployed according to aerial surveillance, community reports and/or radar sightings. They may be used to:

  • Counter people, drug and weapons smuggling;
  • Apprehend foreign fishing vessels;
  • Gather information and intelligence;
  • Monitor environmental pollution; and
  • Assist management of offshore nature reserves and marine parks.